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Hillsborough board mulls tobacco-free schools policy

TAMPA — As early as next school year, Hillsborough County public school employees may no longer be able to take smoke breaks on district property.

During a policy workshop Tuesday, the school board mulled over the idea of making all county schools tobacco free.

The board members came to a consensus in favor of eventually creating a tobacco-free campus policy.

Currently, the school district limits where employees can smoke on campus, and some schools have designated smoking areas for employees.

Some board members said they would not be in favor of a policy that goes into effect right away.

It would be easier for employees who smoke to make the transition to a smoke-free campus if they had some time to go through a cessation program, member Candy Olson said. She suggested the policy could go into effect at the beginning of next school year or in January 2015.

“We’ve put an awful lot of pressure on teachers recently,” she said. “I would ask we consider doing this over time.”

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