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Axe on large tobacco hoardings

GUWAHATI: The state health department has decided to bring down hoardings advertising for tobacco products that are larger than the prescribed size and put in shops.

The department officials will go around the city on Tuesday and start removing the hoardings from shops.

State nodal officer of National Tobacco Control Programme Arundhati Deka said Section 5 of the Cigarette and Other Tobacco Product Act (COTPA) prohibits advertisements in points of sale that are larger than prescribed (60cm x 45 cm) size. "There are many shops in the city where tobacco hoardings larger than the prescribed size are displayed. By doing this, the shops are violating Section 5 of the COTPA. According the amendment of section 5 of the COTPA, tobacco products can be advertised in the package containing tobacco products, on the entrance and inside a warehouse storing tobacco products and at the point of sale or distribution only," she explained.

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