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Tobacco charges abound for health unit

News -Belleville -The tobacco police of the Hastings and Prince Edward Counties Health Unit remain active, the board was told at its November meeting.

Enforcing provisions of the "Smokefree Ontario Act," health unit staffers reported a total of 25 charges under the act during the period of July 1 through September 30. A number were to retail outlets selling tobacco products to persons under 19 years of age. Outlets facing that charge are: Daisy Mart, 308 North Front Street, Belleville; Mr. Convenience, 652 Dundas Street East, Belleville; 10-Acre Esso Gas Bar; Luc's Variety, 436 Dundas Street West, Belleville; Munchy's Variety, 31 Wilkins Street, Belleville; Outerbanks Deli, Picton and Blessington General Store.

A number of other charges involved holding lighted cigarettes in workplaces or public places, mostly drivers such as taxis and even a Belleville employee in one vehicle.

Meanwhile, the agency continues its campaign to encourage smokers to quit, offering free clinics and assistance products.

In the wake of the recent low-cost rabies vaccination program at various veterinary outlets across the region, one unusual charge was for failure to immunize a dog. A Marmora man was fined $110 for that offence after someone was bitten.

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