jueves, 17 de octubre de 2013 - 16 de octubre de 2013 - Jamaica

Committee softens tobacco regulations

THE Human Resources and Social Development Committee of Parliament on Tuesday arrived at four key proposals for changes to the 2013 Public Health (Tobacco Control) Regulations which could see some persons who protested that the provisions were too "draconian" breathing easier.

The regulations which, among other things, placed a ban on smoking in public spaces, came into effect on July 15 this year but are now being reviewed based on several concerns.

On Tuesday, the committee, after lengthy discussions, agreed that it would recommend that hotels be allowed to have designated areas for smoking,

Regarding the present stipulation in the regulations that graphic health warnings occupy 75 per cent of the top, front and back of cigarette packaging, the committee is of the view that 50 per cent was a more reasonable percentage.

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