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Poll: Most Nebraskans support raising tobacco taxes to ease property taxes

LINCOLN — Smokers beware: A new poll says that most Nebraskans support higher tobacco taxes so that property taxes could be reduced.

The American Cancer Society on Friday released polling that indicated that 68 percent of a sampling of 500 likely voters in Nebraska were just fine with raising taxes on tobacco to provide property tax relief and help smokers quit.

Twenty-nine percent of respondents strongly or somewhat opposed the idea.

A similar 58 percent in the Oct. 6-8 poll supported a $1-a-pack increase in taxes on cigarettes, which would raise the state’s tax to $1.64 a pack.

The focus on property-tax relief is a change for anti-smoking forces. A bill pending in the Nebraska Legislature calls for using any new revenue from a tobacco tax increase for Medicaid providers and other health care costs, not property tax relief.

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