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Gwynn’s death prompts proposal to ban smokeless tobacco at MLB games – 25 de Febrero de 2015 – eeUu

SACRAMENTO –Major League Baseball players could be banned from using chew or any tobacco products at games in California under a new bill.

Smoking is already banned in MLB stadiums, but the use of smokeless tobacco, is not. Bay area Assemblyman Tony Thurmond authored the bill and said the issue was highlighted by the death last June of former San Diego Padres All-Star Tony Gwynn.

“I’m hopeful that this bill will lend to his legacy, that it will help to prevent illness for young people and young athletes.” Thurmond released in a statement. “The use of smokeless tobacco in baseball, at any level and in any location, sets a terrible example for the millions of young people who watch the game and far too often see their favorite players using snuff, dip or chew. We have a great opportunity to protect our players and stand up for kids by getting tobacco out of the game.”

Gwynn believed his oral cancer was linked to his longtime chewing tobacco use. Last year, former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling said he was diagnosed with cancer, which he said he believed, was related to his use of smokeless tobacco.

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