martes, 10 de marzo de 2015

Delhi Govt. acts tough on tobacco companies, stops distribution of advertisement boards – 9 de marzo de 2015 – India

From trying to ban the sale of loose cigarettes to issuing statutory warnings and health risks on cigarettes packs, the government is trying everything it can, to curb tobacco use in the country. After all, the increasing use of cigarettes, and other tobacco products can take a huge toll on public health. While surveys have confirmed that banning loose cigarettes has affected cigarette consumption and sales across the country, efforts are still falling short to deter people from tobacco usage. In another move, Delhi government has written to various other tobacco companies asking them to remove advertisement boards from shops and warned them against free distribution of boards or counters having tobacco ads among vendors. (Read: Why was the proposal to ban loose cigarettes opposed).

Additional Director (Health) S K Arora informed that various tobacco companies have been asked to remove advertisement boards from tobacco shops and other places. Following repeated violation of Section 5 of the COTPA, 2003, tobacco companies have also been asked to not distribute boards or counters having tobacco advertisements as free gifts to vendors. Section 5 of the COTPA, 2003, prohibits direct and indirect advertisements of tobacco products including at point of sale. (Read: Ban on gutka, pan masala, khaini, supari – can we finally say goodbye?)

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