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E-Cigarettes Aren’t Free of Secondhand Exposure Issues

As electronic cigarettes gain popularity, more research about their effects on users — and those around users — is being conducted. While the battery-operated devices expose everyone to fewer toxins and no smoke, researchers are looking into just what happens when someone is “vaping.”

The e-cigarettes often look like regular cigarettes, but there is no tobacco involved. An atomizer heats a liquid containing nicotine and turns it into a vapor that can be inhaled. There’s no smoke, no fire, and e-cig users are able to get a nicotine fix without the tar and carbon monoxide that are found in tobacco cigarettes. There are no current federal regulations on these devices, and without that, cities and states are laying down the law themselves about where they can be used. 

Certain states ban them in public places like bars and restaurants, just as they do real cigarettes. 

While some feel that may be going a bit too far for a product that is much more benign than cigarettes, it actually turns out that bystanders may be exposed to nicotine. That’s right: secondhand vaping is a real thing.

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