miércoles, 25 de diciembre de 2013 - 24 de diciembre de 2013 - India

Tobacco's ugly truth must be uncovered

In Australia, 15,000 people die a year due to tobacco use. The fight has not been won yet, but our plain packaging policy works and should be defended

A family friend recently told me the story of her parents, who migrated from Greece to Australia in the 1950s. They settled in rural South Australia, where her father earned his living as a fisherman. A huge storm hit and he went missing for three days. When he finally returned safely, his wife was overjoyed – but the stress of the event did not leave her. In broken English, she consulted the local doctor and asked him about how to settle her nerves. In an age of innocence, he advised her to take up smoking. She died of lung cancer.

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