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E-Cigarettes: Harmless Alternative to Tobacco, or Just as Bad?

(NEW YORK) — As New York and Chicago become the first major U.S. cities to propose tighter regulation of electronic cigarettes, the row over their safety has caught fire. Supporters believe the battery-operated cigarettes are a harmless alternative to tobacco smokes, while opponents say they may carry the same dangerous health effects.

Tom Kiklas, the president and co-founder of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, said he believes the fears about e-smoking, or “vaping,” are unfounded, and a bit misleading.

“First of all, nicotine is classified as a secondary stimulant, the same as caffeine. People believe it is dangerous on an emotional level, but it is not a dangerous drug,” Kiklas said.

But many health experts vehemently disagree with this statement, including Dr. Roy Herbst, the chief of medical oncology at the Yale Cancer Center in New Haven, Conn., and a spokesman for the American Association for Cancer Research.

“We do know that nicotine is an addictive substance, and that it affects blood pressure and the blood vessels. It could also have other noncancerous side effects,” Herbst said.

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