viernes, 13 de diciembre de 2013 - 11 de diciembre de 2013 - Nueva Zelanda

Quitting tobacco would reduce poverty

This New Year's increase will be the second of four tobacco tax increases taking effect each 1 January, in a Government initiative to bring the cost of the average pack of cigarettes to more than $20 by 2016.

Members of the Smokefree Coalition hope the increase in price brought about by taxation will nudge New Zealanders that still smoke, to give up.

"The average pack-a-day smoker stands to save more than $7000 a year if they give up smoking," said Dr Kyle Perrin, Medical Director for the Asthma Foundation.

"Tobacco is part of the reason some New Zealanders are falling into poverty. We hope the price increase will help them make the smart decision, to save their money for the more important things in life."

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