lunes, 7 de octubre de 2013 - 6 de octubre de 2013 - India

Woody Allen Cancels 'Blue Jasmine' Release in India Over Anti-Tobacco Ads

The director refused to comply with the Indian government's requirement that all films depicting on-screen smoking run anti-tobacco messages before and during screenings.

NEW DELHI – Blue Jasmine didn't release in India over the weekend as planned, after director Woody Allen refused to accommodate the Indian government's mandatory anti-smoking ads. Before every movie -- both Indian and foreign -- an anti-tobacco ad by the Ministry of Health is screened depicting the hazards of smoking, while during screenings, an anti-tobacco text message is inserted on scenes showing characters smoking.

The critically acclaimed Blue Jasmine stars Cate Blanchett as a wealthy New York socialite struggling to come to terms with reality after her husband is arrested for financial fraud. The film was to be released in India by PVR Pictures, the distribution arm of India's biggest theatrical chain PVR Cinemas.

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