miércoles, 16 de octubre de 2013 - 14 de octubre de 2013 - África

Africa: Re-Engagement of the Tobacco Debate in Africa

The debate on tobacco control is rather a generational one that has transcended decades if not centuries. There seems to have emerged various schools of thought on the subject, which have shaped the perception, thoughts and direction of the global community in pre-world war times through to post world periods.

Whichever way it is perceived, these historical antecedents having determined the posture of our society towards the control and regulation of tobacco and its related products, need to be examined circumspectively, through scientific and empirical analysis given the volume of knowledge and technology at our disposal.

It is therefore the focus of this piece, to move the dialogue away from the two most popular views; anti-tobacco and pro-tobacco perspectives on tobacco regulation and control, particularly in Africa, to a much more evident based theory of facts examination. This will be achieved by answering the following questions; why the regulation and control of tobacco, who is purportedly protected under the regulation, the effects of the regulation, alternative measures of dealing with the issue of tobacco.

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