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Palladino: It’s Time For MLB To Ban Chewing Tobacco

Sometimes it’s good to change the culture of a sport, if only to save a life or two.

There’s nothing complicated about it. We’ve seen football alter its collective behavior throughout the generations, and it’s still changing. The shape and material used in the helmets have evolved since the days when a thin piece of leather served as head protection.

Training camp — once the ultimate test of manhood — has gone from a nearly two-month torture chamber of two-a-days where coaches all but doled out water with an eye-dropper to a well-hydrated, single-practice month of tuneup before the regular season. Concussions are no longer thought of as goofy little mishaps that are forgotten once the cobwebs clear — or don’t — to serious occurrences that can shelve a player for a game, two games or more.

Hockey has seen the mandatory use of helmets, and baseball has ordered even its first- and third-base coaches to wear head protection.

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