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Death Of Baseball Great Renews Focus On Smokeless Tobacco

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The death of San Diego Padre legend Tony Gwynn has brought a lot of attention to the link between smokeless tobacco and cancer. Doctors say there is a clear connection, but not everyone who uses the product gets the disease.

A former Major League Baseball manager who lives in Brentwood said he's never had a problem. John McNamara managed or coached Major League Baseball teams for 25 years.

He led the Boston Red Sox to the American League pennant in 1986.

"Well, in the old days... I chewed Red Man," says McNamara. "I think it's just a relaxing thing to calm your nerves."

He has chewed tobacco or used dip his whole life, and credits it for helping him when he coached, especially at the start of a game.

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