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Will Chewing Tobacco Be Banned In Major League Baseball After Tony Gwynn's Cancer Death?

When news today hit that San Diego Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn passed away at the age of 54, the response from many was. “How did he die so young?” The shocking notion that the man who had a .338 career batting average and was deemed by many to be most closely aligned with the great Ted Williams had passed away made many scramble for answers.

Gwynn had been battling salivary gland cancer, and had just signed a one-year extension to be the baseball coach at San Diego State University on June 11.

In 2012, Gwynn spent 14 hours on the operating table to have a malignant tumor removed from his right cheek. Eighteen months prior, he had had surgery in the same location to address the cancer. That surgery had left him debilitated.

“I’m already ahead of schedule,” Gwynn said after the second surgery from Thornton Hospital at the University of California-San Diego, just 12 hours after surgery. “Last time, I couldn’t lift my eye or close my mouth. This time, my eye can close, my mouth can close. I feel good. I’m talking better than I did last time.”

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