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Kiambu targets 'monster' tobacco and vows to close cigarette plants

The Kiambu county government has begun its war against use of tobacco with the launch of the Tobacco Act 2007 translated in Kiswahili.

The Act was launched by Tobacco Control Board and Kiambu government in Thika town on Monday.

Participants called for the total ban of cigarette smoking in Kenya, saying the financial benefit from cigarettes is far lower than the damage smoking causes.

Kiambu county TCB secretary Francis Kitema said that in five years, all tobacco manufacturing companies will be closed down due to public demand.

He said Kiambu has begun the campaign and is the first county to translate the Tobacco Act, and may also be the first to shut down tobacco plants and ban the use of tobacco.

Thika, which is in Kiambu, has the largest BAT threshing plant located at Makongeni estate. Kitema said the effects of tobacco are dangerous.

He asked stakeholders to unite to fight "the monster".

TCB director Irene Wanyoike said Kenyans should go to court to challenge the Tobacco Act as tobacco smoking goes against the Bill of Rights that guarantees right for better health.

She said the Act contradicts the constitution. Wanyoike said about six million people in the world have died due to use of tobacco.

She said tobacco makes men impotent and women barren. Wanyoike said tobacco use may lead to babies being born underweight.

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