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Community reacts to CVS discontinuing sale of tobacco products

Attempting to promote a healthier nation, the CVS pharmacy chain announced last Wednesday that it will discontinue the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products.

CVS Caremark prides itself on being a company that “offer(s) innovative solutions that help people on their path to health,” according to their website, and this decision only reinforces that commitment.

Dr. Suzy Harrington, Oklahoma State University’s chief wellness officer, said tobacco continues to be the number one leading cause of preventable death, resulting in about 1,300 deaths every day.

“I am thrilled that CVS has made such a strong statement acknowledging the sale of cigarettes is inconsistent with their mission, even at the risk of lost income,” she said. “I would hope that Stillwater citizens will show their support of our local CVS.”

And many customers are doing just that.

“It’s a gutsy move,” said CVS customer Steve Kuranoff. “I think it’s good. I think they’re standing up for what they believe in.”,

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