martes, 18 de febrero de 2014 - 17 de Febrero 2014 - India

Rajasthan Police Academy’s anti-tobacco model gets international attention

Impressed by the campaign, Bangladesh PMO official feels the model is an ideal one and can be followed world-wide to fight the war against tobacco.

If all goes well, Rajasthan Police Academy’s (RPA) anti-tobacco campaign would soon go international! 

A delegation of Bangladeshi officials, including senior-level government officials, were on a trip to Jaipur RPA to study anti-tobacco campaign ‘Abhi Nahi to Kabhi Nahi’ (If not now then never), and possibly implement it in their country too.

Speaking at the seminar on anti-tobacco campaign organized by Rajasthan Voluntary Health Association, RPA director BL Soni said that in order to make the campaign a success, it should be implemented across the globe.

“Under the campaign, all police training centers in the state would be made tobacco free,” Soni said.

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