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Teens spoke out against tobacco. City listened

LOWELL -- At the start of this year, it became tougher to get certain tobacco products in the city.

The Board of Health passed a series of 10 new regulations restricting the sale of some tobacco and nicotine products, banning the smoking of electronic cigarettes in public places and requiring retailers to post signs announcing resources that help smokers quit.

Among those leading the push for the new rules were five Lowell High School students, members of the Lowell Community Health Center's Teen Block who want to protect their peers from harmful tobacco addictions.

"It's a youth generation," said Ashley Pham, 18. "I don't know why they'd want to throw their future away."

Pham, along with fellow Teen Block members Melissa Graham, Lily Mak, Sisowath Chea and Jane Karanja, testified in front of the Lowell Board of Health at a December hearing on the proposed regulations.

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