martes, 11 de febrero de 2014 - 9 de Febrero 2014 - EEUU

School districts rewrite tobacco policies to counter teen e-cigarette use
The latest weapon in the tobacco wars is increasingly finding its way into the pockets and backpacks of students across the nation.

The e-cigarette -- a James Bond-stealthy, technology-chic version of the traditional cigarette -- is often mistaken for an ink pen, but it is a battery-operated device that turns a liquid form of nicotine into an inhalable vapor.

E-cigarettes can also emit fruit and candy flavors, such as bubble gum or chocolate -- suited for youthful tastes.

Rising use among teens is a worrisome trend to school officials who are increasingly changing their tobacco policies to ban the e-devices. This week, both the Antioch and San Ramon Valley school districts will decide the issue.

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