martes, 4 de febrero de 2014 - 3 de Febrero 2014 - India

Banned Tobacco Products Seized

Pettah police seized over 48 carton boxes of banned tobacco products at the Kochuveli railway station platform on Sunday.

According to Prettah SI Saju Antony, the products had reached the station a week ago. After being informed of a bad smell from the cartons, the police had opened the cartons and found panmasala products inside.

As there was no one to claim it, the police had left the boxes at the station and the place was put under surveillance.

Since no one had arrived to collect the carton boxes till Saturday, the police decided to seize the products with the help of Railway police.

‘’We found 48 parcels of banned tobacco products. The parcel was send from Uttar Pradesh to Mangalapuram. Because there were no one to collect the parcel at Mangalapuram or due to some technical hitch it was unloaded here,’’ the SI said.

The police have transferred the case to Railway police.

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