miércoles, 29 de enero de 2014 - 28 de Enero de 2014 - EEUU

Castle Doctrine Bill, Tax on Chewing Tobacco, Advance to 3rd Reading Fil
Guam - On day 2 of the current session, lawmakers debate, for much of the day, focused on Senator Tony Ada's Castle Doctrine measure, Bill #146 and Senator B.J. Cruz's Bill #206, which would raise the tax on chewing tobacco.

Senator Ada's Castle Doctrine bill would basically allow residents to use deadly force on home intruders. Some senators questioned whether this was a good idea because it might encourage residents to shoot first and ask questions later but Senator Ada defended the bill saying it was meant to protect victims. 

"What this does is that if someone comes creeping in your window at 2 o'clock in the morning molesting your daughter that you have a right to protect your daughter without the fear of being prosecuted for that. It says to that lady to that woman who is getting raped at three o' clock in the morning that she has the right to defend herself and if need be to kill that person who is harming her that she won't be prosecuted,” said Senator Ada.

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