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Richard Cohen / We worry about marijuana as tobacco continues to kill

On Jan. 1, Colorado began permitting the legal sale of marijuana. Even before that, the news media had swung into action, arguing just about everything - marijuana is dangerous or not dangerous, a gateway drug or just a lot of smoke. Nothing I saw mentioned why I will not smoke marijuana. I'm afraid it would lead me back to cigarettes.

Once I was addicted to cigarettes. (I suppose I still am.) I tried to quit numerous times - hypnotism, acupuncture, hypnotism again, willpower and shame and mortal shame - but for the longest time, nothing worked. I felt enslaved - sucking this poison into my body, soiling my lungs - and enraged at an industry that encouraged me as a youth to smoke and, despite all the health findings, continued to give me that encouraging wink: Go ahead. Such sweet pleasure!

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