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'10,000 Malaysians die from tobacco smoking each year'

KOTA KINABALU -- About 10,000 people in Malaysia lose their lives due to tobacco smoking each year, said Dr Amer Siddiq Amer Nordin, a coordinator of the Nicotine Addiction Research & Collaborating Centre (NARCC),the nicotine addiction research group of the University Malaya Centre of Addiction Sciences (UMCAS).

Describing it as alarming, he said the figure might only be the tip of the iceberg. 

"It could be more. For example, one person identified, probably nine (case)are unidentified or unreported, and about 20 per cent Malaysians smoke tobacco daily....meaning it may result in more deaths in future. 

"When we talk about the effects of tobacco smoking, we think of cancer. But, bear in mind tobacco smoking is also a major or contributing factor to various heart and lung diseases as well as various types of cancers. It is actually a major player on whatever illnesses that we are facing in hospitals," he told a press conference in conjunction with Sabah Tobacco Control Symposium 2013 at University Malaysia Sabah's (UMS) main campus in Likas, near here today. - Bernama

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