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'Big tobacco will work against Reilly's plan'

The tobacco industry will work tirelessly to undermine Health Minister James Reilly's plan for a 'tobacco-free Ireland' by 2025, according to the Irish Cancer Society

Speaking after the launch of the Minister's new anti-smoking policy document "Tobacco Free Ireland', the Society has welcomed its publication.

The document outlines the Government's plans to introduce legislation and initiatives that will discourage young people from starting to smoke, leading to a generation of young people who don't smoke, by 2025.

John McCormack, CEO of the Cancer Society, warned that the tobacco industry would be working tirelessly to undermine the Minister's ambitions:

"The tools identified in 'Tobacco Free Ireland' to deal with the constant marketing assault on children and teens are very comprehensive. However, we need to be mindful of obstacles the tobacco industry will use to try and block, delay and derail any effort to create a healthier, more productive society."

The Irish Cancer Society particularly welcomed the specific reference to the Department's 'targeted approaches' to health inequalities that are caused by smoking.

The Society said these inequalities are extremely relevant to the issue of women smoking because women are concentrated in the lower income brackets. This means that in more unequal societies, women are more likely to smoke, have chronic illness and die earlier.

Reilly wants Ireland tobacco free by 2025

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