sábado, 8 de febrero de 2014 - 6 de Febrero 2014 - UK

'E-cigarette smokers may absorb MORE nicotine and toxins than regular smokers': Study to investigate risk of using 'healthy' tobacco alternative E-cigarettes are increasing no long

They are marketed as being healthier than conventional cigarettes, but researchers believe people who smoke electronic cigarettes could be putting themselves at greater risk than regular smokers.

People who smoke e-cigarettes may inhale higher concentrations of nicotine and of other toxins, say U.S researchers.

So far little research has been carried out into using e-cigarettes, but scientists at the U.S. College of Dentistry have now set up a study to find out the health effects.

Nicotine is both addictive and, in large quantities, toxic - and some of the other chemicals found in e-cigarettes are believed to be carcinogenic.

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