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As teens say 'slim cigs are cool' big tobacco profits while government stalls on packaging

Slim-line cigarettes have been voted ‘cute, classy and feminine’ by 15 year olds who rate the slimmer brands as weaker and less harmful than ‘smelly and disgusting’ brown cigarettes, according to new research* to be published in the European Journal of Public Health this autumn, ahead of the Children and Families Bill being discussed in the House of Lords.

In this unique Cancer Research UK study teenagers said they were most attracted to slim and superslim cigarettes with white filter tips and decorative features – describing them as ‘classy’ and ‘nicer’. But they viewed a long brown cigarette as particularly harmful – labelling it ‘disgusting’, ‘really really strong’ and ‘old fashioned’.

The new revelations follow last month’s study of more than 1000 children which showed for the first time that glitzy and glamorous cigarette packaging makes children susceptible to smoking. But still the government stalls on bringing in standardized packs. The House of Lords is debating the issue over the next few weeks which could allow Parliament a chance to vote on legislation to protect children’s health.

Cancer Research UK is urging the public to support its campaign for plain standardized packaging of cigarettes with a hard-hitting film showing how the tobacco industry encourages children to smoke. The film, launched online today, is a powerful evocation of big business preying on vulnerable children.

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