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Three Congressmen Seek E-Cigarette Ad Ban

Reps. HENRY WAXMAN (CA), DIANA DEGETTE (CO.) and FRANK PALLONE, JR. (NJ) have written to the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION, in an attempt to control advertising electronic cigarettes on radio and television. ADWEEK reports, "The FDA could make a decision about classifying e-cigarettes soon. Some states have already gone ahead and passed regulations. UTAH, ND, ARKANSAS, NJ and WASHINGTON, D.C. banned e-cigarettes indoors, and many other states are considering regulations. CALIFORNIA bans e-cigarette ads online."

The report notes that traditional cigarette advertising was one of the biggest categories for media, prior to being banned in 1971.

The 3 congressmen "charge that the $2 billion industry is taking advantage of the absence of regulation to market to young smokers. They 'appear to be using exactly the same advertising and promotional techniques that were used for decades for cigarette manufacturers to hook teenagers on their products,' the lawmakers wrote in a letter to the FDA commissioner MARGARET HAMBURG, M.D."

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