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Youth anti-smoking campaign supports tobacco legislation – 5 de Febrero de 2015 – EEUU
A group of high school students from across Vermont visited the Statehouse this week to combat the influence of the tobacco industry on young people.

The students were with the Health Department’s Our Voices Exposed (OVX) campaign, which aims to empower young people to get involved in tobacco prevention.

Lt. Gov. Phil Scott told the group to advocate for better prevention by talking to their legislators, but also encouraged them to lead by example and make healthy choices in their own lives.

Tian Berry, a Burlington High School senior, said the OVX chapter at her school visited local convenience stores to see what tobacco products they sell and how they’re marketed. She said many of the products are set at eye level for children and feature advertising that would appeal to them.

Each year the industry spends $18 million on marketing in Vermont, according to the Health Department. Much of that money, 93 percent, goes toward point-of-sale advertising, according to the Center for Public Health and Tobacco Policy.

In Vermont 13 percent of high school students are current smokers, and 1,000 adults die each year from smoking, according to Health Department figures.

Two House bills aimed at youth tobacco cessation are now before the House Human Services Committee.

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