viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015

Teens Are More Likely to Combine Multiple Forms of Tobacco – 11 de Febrero de 2015 – EEUU

New research suggests that teens who use tobacco products are likely to use more than one product, including e-cigarettes, hookahs and pipes, and smokeless tobacco.

Researchers found that 14.7 percent of middle and high school students use one or more tobacco products. Among these users, 4.3 percent report using three or more tobacco products, and 2.7 percent of teens use cigarettes with an additional product.

"The prevalence of teens combining multiple tobacco products is alarming, especially since there may be potential additive harms associated with this practice," Youn Ok Lee, a research public health analyst at RTI International, said in a statement. "By using more than one tobacco product, teens may be increasing their risk of nicotine dependence."

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