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North Dakota legislator looks at age restriction for e-cig consumers – 1de Febrero de 2015 – EEUU

FARGO, N.D. It's a hot item that's causing some serious commotion in the North Dakota legislator. E-cigarettes and vapes are becoming more popular, but some believe they lack regulation. North Dakota is looking to set a statewide law that would require all buying the product to be 18-years-old and over.

“Literally eight, nine and 10-year-olds could be smoking,” said State Representative Kathy Hogan. “And, that creates a habit and I think in some ways that is the intent."

Representative Hogan is extremely concerned for those under 18-years-old who are vaping. It allows minors to get their hands on tobacco and nicotine products. She told us it's a market that's just emerged over the last two years.

"And, because of lack of regulation and standards, their accessibility is really significant,” said Hogan.

It's why Hogan like others, is looking to pass a statewide age limit on these pipes. Infinite Vapors in downtown Fargo supports the bills and told us while they only sell to 18 and plus, not everybody follows.

"Online retailers will have you enter your birthday,” said Kelsey Eaton, regional manager of Infinite Vapor. “There's always ways around the system, but they do have the system in place to try to check analysis."

Those opposed to this bill said it's not considered a tobacco product since most vapors only have nicotine. But, with many flavors to choose from like cherry and apple pie, Hogan said it’s a marketing strategy to target young adolescents.

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