jueves, 12 de febrero de 2015

Tobacco bill would rise the legal age of purchase to 21 years old – 11 de Febrero de 2015 – EEUU
POLSON — As the harmful effects of smoking continue to receive national attention, tobacco companies have shifted their focus to smokeless tobacco products, claiming them to be a “safe” alternative to smoking cigarettes and actively working to build new customers. “Through With Chew Week,” Feb. 15-21, highlights the truth that there are no “safe” tobacco products.

In Montana, tobacco companies have long used our culture of independence and our rural Western image against us with targeted smokeless product marketing. Increasingly, however, these companies are shifting product flavorings, package designs and marketing campaigns to appeal to a younger, trendier audience – an audience that increasingly includes teens. But no amount of fruit flavor or fancy marketing can alter the harmful effects of smokeless products, including tooth decay, gum disease, cancer, heart attack or stroke.

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