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Sandcastle on Dubai beach will highlight cigarette waste – 22 de Febrero de 2015 – Dubái

Dubai Municipality is creating a sandcastle installation covered in cigarette butts to raise awareness of littering. Millions of butts are discarded on Dubai public beaches every year, potentially harming children and destroying marine life.

“The volunteers working on this installation collected thousands of cigarette butts from beaches and other public spaces,” said Ismail Al Banna, director of corporate marketing and relations department at the municipality.

“Our goal is to give people food for thought on how pollution of this scale can affect the future of our children, as well as the environment in the UAE.”

Last year, a one hour clean up by Volunteer in UAE at an Umm Suqueim beach produced 50,000 cigarette butts in an hour. A clean up at Al Mamzar beach produced 31,000 cigarette butts.

The campaign also includes an online petition and a social media campaign to encourage responsible disposal of cigarettes

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