martes, 14 de julio de 2015

‘Teenagers have power to be first tobacco-free generation’ –11 de Julio de 2015 – Colombia
The Irish Cancer Society hailed the ‘X-generation’ as it honoured youth groups from around the country for mounting anti-smoking campaigns aimed at their peers as part of its pioneering X-Hale initiative.

Figures show youth smoking rates here are falling, with almost nine out of 10 young people now smoke- free. Over a fifth were considered ‘current smokers’ in 1998 compared to just over a tenth in 2010 — a reduction of nearly half.

“In line with the messages highlighted by the young people taking part in X-Hale, youth smoking rates in Ireland have continued to decline in recent years, giving this generation of young people the power and the opportunity to make sure that they are Ireland’s first tobacco-free generation,” the society said.

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