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Tobacco ban puts out unhealthy habits - 22 de Julio de 2015 – EEUU
Last year, the UA announced its decision to ban all tobacco products on campus. Effective Aug. 25, 2014, the use of tobacco products was prohibited on the UA campus.

“The University is dedicated to providing a healthy environment for those who participate in University activities,” the ban states. “In support of this goal, the University prohibits the use of products that contain tobacco or nicotine, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, bidis, kreteks, hookahs, water pipes, and all forms of smokeless tobacco. Littering campus with remains of tobacco or smoking-related products also is prohibited.”

This ban is effective on all university property and vehicles. For smokers and tobacco users who attend the UA, August 2014 meant the end of the road of using on campus.

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