martes, 19 de mayo de 2015

Alberta should include menthol in looming flavoured-tobacco ban, health analyst says - 19 de Mayo de 2015 – Canada

Alberta’s new NDP government should fight youth smoking by banning the sale of menthol-flavoured tobacco, a Canadian Cancer Society official says.

As of June 1, the province will outlaw the sale of all flavoured tobacco except for menthol, along with forbidding smaller and cheaper packs of tobacco, and smoking in vehicles when children are present.

Then health minister Stephen Mandel said when the changes were announced last fall the province wanted more time for consultation on the menthol issue.

But Rob Cunningham, a senior policy analyst for the Canadian Cancer Society, said Monday that Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia have taken steps to stop menthol-flavoured tobacco sales, and Alberta should follow suit.

“The sooner the new Alberta government moves, the sooner youth will be protected,” Cunningham said from Ottawa.

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