viernes, 17 de abril de 2015

Tobacco Lobbyists, Politicians Must Clean up their Act – 14 de Abril de 2015 – India

These days I have made the acquaintance of a new kind of Indian. One whose lungs are totally resistant to cigarettes and beedis. In fact, according to a certain MP from Allahabad, smoking causes “nil” effects on the human respiratory system; and yet there is the factual data that does not add up to these bold statements—one million people die of tobacco every year, and according to experts of the National Institute of Health and Family Welfare, India records 86 per cent of the global oral cancer cases, caused primarily by tobacco.

However, these days we protest any survey, especially if it is done by scientists abroad. We in India believe that Indians have a different and more evolved immune system. So what if the rest of the world is dying from tobacco addiction, we in India are not affected! Why don’t we all light up? Let us ignore all statistics and warnings, against cancer or tuberculosis—the malaise of Bengal, where emaciated rickshaw pullers puff on beedis and then cough up blood. Recent findings in Allahabad have rubbished scientific facts!

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