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First timer young e-cigarette smokers nearly twice as likely to try conventional cigarettes: CDC study

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said that electronic cigarettes or e-cigs encourage smoking in young people, especially college and school going teens.

A report, released on Monday by a team of researchers at CDC, provides evidence to the long debated point that the modern cigarettes are more tempting to nonsmokers, mainly youths, than the traditional ones. The CDC research also lends evidence to the argument that once the youths give a try to e-cigarettes they are more inclined to adopt them on regular basis.

The findings of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on e-cigarettes come a day after the American Heart Association issued a new policy statement on the electronic cigarettes in which it backed the product as the ‘last resort for smoker to quit’. However, the group has not recommended the product as a method for cessation of the smoking habit.

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