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Ban e-cigarettes in restaurants and workplaces, says World Health Organization

Electronic cigarettes should be banned inside cafes, restaurants and workplaces, and should not be advertised to children and non-smokers, the World Health Organization has said.

In a long-awaited report, the United Nations’ health agency resisted calls from many experts to soften their approach to e-cigarettes, recommending a raft of measures to curb their use, while also warning over the growing influence of the tobacco industry in the "e-cig" market.

The report also said that e-cigarettes which are flavored to taste like fruit, sweets and alcoholic drinks should be banned, amid fears they encourage children to use the products.

Millions of people now use e-cigarettes worldwide, but public health experts remain divided over their potential harms and benefits. Studies have suggested that they help people to quit smoking, but the WHO said that there was currently “insufficient evidence” to prove their benefit.

The recommendations on indoor use in public places go further than existing regulations in most countries. The vapor produced by e-cigarettes is known to be considerably less harmful than tobacco smoke, but the WHO said there were still concerns over the nicotine and other toxicants produced.

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