jueves, 22 de enero de 2015

Building anti-tobacco army – 21 de Enero de 2015 – Canadá

A trio of Grade 11 students have joined the fight against what many say is big tobacco's attempts to get more teenagers hooked on nicotine.

Bryce Rysnak, Cory Leroux and Kelly Baldwin-St. Denis put that plan in action Tuesday evening at the Boys and Girls Club of Cornwall clubhouse on First Street.

It was a small group of peers and pre-teens they presented to, but every small step adds up.

"It's a way to change things in pretty much the world," Leroux said.

The three St. Joseph Secondary School students are doing their part to spearhead a movement called Freezetheindustry.

They want to warn more teenagers of the dangers posed by the latest trend in tobacco marketing, flavored products.

Both Leroux and Baldwin-St. Denis are already victims, having lost grandparents to the ill effects of long-term tobacco use.

This team was convinced they could play a part after they were given a presentation a couple of years ago by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit's youth engagement co-ordinator Jenna Chisholm.

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