jueves, 13 de marzo de 2014 - 12 de marzo de 2014 - EEUU

Not so fast on e-cigarettes

ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE use is exploding among adolescents, and the latest evidence indicates this is not good. A study published last week in JAMA Pediatrics found youth e-cigarette users had higher odds of being tobacco smokers, progressing from experimentation to established smoking; were more likely to be heavier smokers; and were less likely to have quit smoking than smokers who did not also use e-cigarettes.

“What is particularly concerning,” study co-author Lauren Dutra said in an interview, “is that 20 percent of middle school students who tried an e-cigarette had never tried a real cigarette. E-cigarette ads reach teenagers at an age when the brain is really vulnerable to nicotine.’’

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